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About Us

Love Rush Essentials

Love Rush Essentials is an online boutique that was created to inspire living life out LOUD through confidence and style. You are killing it but need a boost of confidence.

That's why we're here! To remind you of your worth. We understand that you are successful and silly, spiritual and sensual. You are both the light and the dark but most of all, you are MAGIC and that must be celebrated.

Our items are effortless but still fun and flirty. You were born to be admired by both yourself and others.

About the CEO

My name is Jasmine Charbonier and I am a travel enthusiast and lover of adventures who needs documentation in the form of pictures or else it never happened (haha). I also enjoy creating community with likeminded yet unique individuals. I love experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, meeting new people and talking about everything under the sun including music, self-love, racial justice and so much more. I want to help you see your beauty, find your style and then shop for it.


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