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October 17, 2021

What Style Are You Quiz

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What Style Are You Quiz

Are you struggling with finding pieces that fit your body and personality? Are you tired of taking way too long to find an outfit from your closet? Do you ever question what style of dress suits me? If so, then you may be struggling with finding your personal style and we can help you with that.
Fashion styles are constantly evolving, but there are certain trends that appear over and over again. Lets learn about the different types of fashion styles that influence popular fashion trends, and find your own personal style.
Sporty and Casual: Are you going to the gym or brunch, who knows? Using elements of athletic wear for comfort and ease make this style very popular.
Sexy: This style loves to show off curves and silhouettes. Confidence is the star of the show here.
Boho: You were made for Coachella and it shows. Long flowy dresses and other aestetics are borrowed from the 1960s festival culture.
Classic: Always aiming to look your best. Blazers are the star here helping to create the every day polished look. This is the more "professional" look and works for the office and beyond. 
Street Chic: For those who follow and dominate trends. This style became popular in the 90s due to Hip Hop culture and has been popular ever since incorporating comfortable yet trendy clothing and footwear.
Now that you've learned a bit about different styles, lets help you find yours..
And just know, your style can always evolve as you grow.

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  • Posted Stephanie

    I love this post. I’ve never taken a quiz like this but I got sporty which is so me! I’m always in sneakers and joggers even in the summer 🤣

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